Accommodation modules - comfort in tough environments

Comfort in harsh conditions

The most productive crews on oil and gas platforms are well-rested, well-fed and relaxed. But to meet the world's growing need for energy, oil and gas production platforms are getting bigger, so more skilled crew members are needed to man them. And platform locations are getting more remote, where weather conditions are more extreme. Often onsite for two or three weeks at a stretch, crews need accommodation that’s comfortable, spacious and safe.

Greater capacity means more beds

At Semco Maritime, we can help your company meet the challenges posed by demands for greater capacity in the energy sector. Our accommodation solutions include: design and construction of accommodation modules, complete upgrades of Personnel On Board (POB), installation of additional modules, or the total refurbishment of existing modules – all designed, fitted and delivered to meet all necessary standards, rules and regulations.

Equipped for leisure, communication and comfort

Our purpose-built accommodation modules are designed to tough it out in unforgiving environments – so your crews don’t have to. Boasting the latest in communication and leisure facilities, our accommodation module interiors are spacious and comfortable. On the outside, they are protected against the fiercest onslaughts from saltwater, high winds and extreme temperatures. The result is a perfectly balanced internal environment that promotes a high standard of living and encourages high productivity in the crews that live there.

More accommodation, less downtime

We complete all of our accommodation projects on schedule and on budget. And because we prefabricate whole accommodation modules, we can cut your operational downtime to a minimum.

Like to learn more?

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