Chemical injection systems for the oil and gas industry

We design and build chemical injection systems that meet the particular needs of our customers in the offshore energy sector. From pump skids and injection panels to combined skids and storage tanks, all our chemical injection systems can be supplied with electrical or pneumatic pumps, constant flow valves, or a combination of the three.

Electrical Pump Systems

Whatever your needs, we can tailor our chemical injection systems to include plunger, diaphragm or double diaphragm pumps – all in accordance with international standards API 674 and API 675. We can also provide special pump solutions with cooling or heating heads.

Pneumatic Pump systems

Ideal for portable preliminary systems or fixed installations, our compact, pneumatic pumps are easy to install – even in hazardous areas. And all our work is in compliance with the API 675 international standard.

Injection Panels

For multiple injections, the size and weight of a traditional pump skid can be problematic. Our solution uses an injection panel with constant flow valves to minimise weight and save space.

Chemical Storage tanks

Cylindrical or square, pressurised or unpressurised, our compact and reliable tank/pump combos will meet all your chemical storage needs.

Like to learn more?

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