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Fast, efficient rig upgrade for Ensco

Fast response to an expansive scope

With nine rigs in the North Sea, Ensco is the region’s third largest operator. And it’s a company that frowns on downtime. So, when one of their rigs, Ensco 70, needed an accommodation upgrade, they looked for a company with the capacity to complete the job quickly – and to the highest international standards. Ensco awarded the job to Semco Maritime in August 2009.

Teaming up with the Yard and Facilities division, Semco Maritime’s Rig Projects division concentrated an incredible 20 000 man-hours into four weeks to bring the Ensco 70 rig upgrade project in on time and under budget. The job included upgrading and refurbishing two levels of a four-level accommodation module, giving the Ensco staff’s onboard comfort and safety a real boost. Ensco 70 made the short trip across the North Sea to Semco Maritime’s Esbjerg facility. Neil Robertson, Senior Project Manager for Semco Maritime’s Rigs division, takes up the story: “Once Ensco gave us the green light, we had a real challenge to complete all the engineering, procurement and installation work – and beat a tight four-week deadline.”

Improving life on the rig

The Semco Maritime team outfitted all cabins with new ceilings, wall coverings, carpeting, furniture, fixtures and fittings. They totally altered the galley’s layout, relocated the laundry room and installed new, up-to-date equipment throughout – all in compliance with the latest DEA and DMA regulations. Finally, the boot room was refurbished, an all-new female changing-room was added and Ensco’s crew were given two new café areas where they’ll be able to socialise between shifts and take it easy during breaks. But the upgrades weren’t restricted to accommodation facilities. The team also painted the rig’s jack houses, replaced almost 20 tonnes of side shell steel, replaced the seawater manifold and upgraded the accommodation drainage and drinking water piping – all at short notice. And the team didn’t stop there. While the rig was in Esbjerg, Semco Maritime’s experienced engineers carried out a thorough survey. “Ensco 70’s five-year SPS inspection is due at the end of the year, so we took a good look before we were finished,” says Neil Robertson, “And we got a clear idea of the work that will need doing.”

A clean sheet on safety

Even though so many working hours were compressed into such a short timeframe, there were no safety issues during the project. “The customer was very happy that the rig left Esbjerg on time, on budget and with a clean sheet on safety,” says Neil Robertson. “Our team did an outstanding job – and we’re hoping to do more work on the Ensco 70 again before the year’s out.”

Like to learn more ?

If you want to find out what Semco Maritime’s Rig Projects division can do for your company, call us on +45 7916 6666 or drop us a line at semco@semcomaritime.dk with the subject, “Rigs.”