Fire and gas detection for production platforms

Fire and gas detection where it matters most

A detection system that responds fast to gas leaks or fire on a production platform can make the difference between a minor interruption in operations, and disaster. It needs to be reliable in the most adverse environmental conditions. And you need to be able to trust it with your life.

At Semco Maritime, we go the extra mile to make sure your assets are protected. Every platform is unique. Our experts place sensors at critical locations and fine-tune software applications to the layout of your platform. You get a fully integrated fire and gas detection system engineered to the specific needs of your platform.

We have years of experience supplying fire and gas detection systems to our customers in the oil and gas industry. And the quality we deliver doesn’t stop at the product: we back it up with robust, efficient installation and a solid maintenance programme that won’t cost you a thing in downtime.The combination of our technical know-how, process knowledge, and deep familiarity with industry standards means we can deliver a full range of systems for fire and gas detection, monitoring and emergency shutdown.

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