Integrated and reliable communications systems

Integrated and reliable communications systems

Good communication systems on oil and gas production platforms, rigs, bridges and tunnels are crucial to safety.

Our capabilities include a wide variety of specialised telecommunication systems, e.g. transmission systems, TV and video systems, navigation, voice communication, safety systems and control and monitoring.

Semco Maritime has previously delivered a number of specialised systems such as:

  • Communication systems on the Oresund Bridge ensuring road safety through an overall network management system (NMS) a monitoring system covering motorways, railways, service routes and emergency exits both above and below ground level.
  • Extensive communication and navigation for the prestigious Sea Launch project with heavy-lift launch services from its mobile Odyssey Launch Platform positioned in the Pacific Ocean
  • Countrywide data network in Kuwait including peripheral radio unit ( PRU ), Master stations, SDH nodes and Network management system.
  • Telemetry system in Brazil to monitor and control production at Fluminense a large floating production storage and offloading system ( FPSO ) from a big semi-submersible processing platform, P-15.
  • Various communication systems on a large number of offshore oil and gas platforms.
  • A wide variety of communication systems for offshore wind farms, for instance Semco Maritime has delivered Tetra, Line of Sight, Marine VHF, UHF Air-radio and Tetra data modems for People Tracking Swipe card System for DanTysk Offshore Wind.

SemSound for powerful onboard communication

We deliver everything from satellite and radio links to navigation and monitoring systems. Our SemSound public address and general alarm systems use fibre optic cables and digital processing for crystal clear sound throughout your facilities. It can be configured remotely via the internet. And because our systems are compact, reliable and energy efficient, cost of ownership is low.

Your intelligent info network

We partner with Cisco Systems to deliver a suite of network applications that integrate public address, general alarm, CCTV and Unified Communications (IP calls, video chats and conferences using broadband internet). Working closely with a solid team of suppliers, we have 30 years of experience in providing our customers with reliable end-to-end communications solutions. And we can back up our systems with a full life-cycle service support so your systems are always up-to-date with the latest hardware and software. 

Global communication systems

With nearly 50 percent of the Nordic offshore market, we are one of the leading providers of communications systems to the North Sea offshore industry. We also supply integrated communication solutions to our offshore and onshore customers all over the world.

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