Maintenance, modification and service

A commitment to care

Our dedicated experts understand that for platforms operating in tough environments, every weld on every installation needs to be of exceptional quality.

From the complete operation of major plants to the maintenance and modification of single units and equipment, we have every stage of a project’s lifecycle covered.

Worldwide service

Our highly skilled, mobile workforce uses the latest technology to set the industry benchmark for high-quality service – anywhere they’re needed. And customers all over the world can benefit from our expertise and equipment either on their own premises or ours.

Our maintenance, modification and service offerings add value to many businesses, including power stations, refineries, shipyards, shipping companies and manufacturers of cleaning systems. And we can help your business maximise the performance of essential equipment, such as hydraulic systems, valves, instruments and electrical installations.

Hydraulic control systems

To help maximise the performance of hydraulic control systems, our technicians also repair and test hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.    And to keep pipe systems in top working order, we offer pipe-flushing services, which we document with an oil purity test. In addition, we also carry out pressure tests of piping systems and plants with water and nitrogen. 

Electrical panels

ATEX-certification Semco Maritime can deliver certified electrical panels to be used in potentially explosion atmospheres directly to our clients.

Valve service

Experts in valve maintenance, Semco Maritime has been servicing valves for the energy sector since 1993. We offer emergency valve servicing and regular valve maintenance to ensure your valves meet API 525 standards.   A faulty valve can impact your operations by adversely affecting performance, safety and the environment. So to ensure top valve performance, our experienced technicians test safety, pressure, flow, level, temperature control and pneumatic valves onsite or in our fully-equipped workshop in Esbjerg.   We also test, calibrate and repair special valves, such as wireline-retrievable subsurface safety valves (WRSSSV), gas-lift valves, chemical injection valves, dump kill valves and water injection valves.  

Inspection and maintenance software

We use SafeEx software to ensure higher safety, increase efficiency and reduce downtime.
The SafeEx system enables electronic registration of all observations and non-conformities during inspections with automatic upload of data to your maintenance system.

Like to learn more?

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