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High rig activity at Semco Maritime

Semco Maritime is as busy as ever with rig upgrades. In the spring and summer, six jack-up rigs from the North Sea will be extensively upgraded at the company’s new rig facilities in the Port of Esbjerg. We expect the turnover for rig projects to reach 500 million Danish kroner globally this year.

This summer, Semco Maritime and the Port of Esbjerg have a real boom in the number of rig repairs and upgrades. Semco Maritime is currently in the process of upgrading three jack-up rigs, and during the summer another 3 to 4 rig projects will be carried out at our new facilities at the Port of Esbjerg.

In the autumn of 2011, Semco Maritime opened the new facilities in a dedicated area of 10,400 square metres at the harbour of Esbjerg. The facilities meet current stringent environmental requirements which, together with a greatly expanded staff, provide Semco Maritime with a much larger capacity for rig upgrades.

The preferred supplier:

At the same time, we have increased our strategic focus on rig upgrades with an ambition to become the preferred supplier to rig operators in the entire North Sea area. This has now resulted in more projects in Esbjerg and elsewhere.

“We have great success in the North Sea rig market, and this summer our facilities in Esbjerg will be really crowded. In June and July - if the schedule is not delayed - we may have five rigs in the harbour at the same time, which we have never had before” says Hans-Peter Jørgensen, Senior Vice President, Semco Maritime.

The jack-up rigs, which Semco Maritime will be upgrading, come from companies like ENSCO, Maersk, Northern Offshore, Prosafe and Transocean.

The jobs are typically performed on rigs that are subject to statutory controls ("classing"), and various repairs, modifications and upgrades are carried out while the rigs are in port. The overall work on each rig lasts an average of 25 to 45 days and involves up to 180 employees.

Rig projects for half a billion Danish kroner:

In 2012, Semco Maritime expects to carry out rig upgrades for up to 500 million Danish kroner worldwide - the main part in the North Sea area.

”During the last two years we have really expanded our leading position in the market for rig upgrades – especially in the North Sea where we are active in Denmark, Norway and UK. In Esbjerg alone we expect the total number of rig calls to increase before the end of the year and we still expect high activity in the coming years”, says Hans-Peter Jørgensen.

With the acquisition of the engineering company Capelrig in Scotland, Semco Maritime strengthens our market position for upgrade and repair of jack-up rigs from the North Sea area.