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Semco Maritime A/S will build power plant in Tanzania

As head of a consortium with Rolls-Royce Semco Maritime will have a breakthrough within energy projects for one of the anticipated growth markets.

Semco Maritime A/S has entered an agreement to supply a 60 megawatt power plant which will be built near the second largest city in Tanzania, Mwanza, to ensure the power supply of an area in the north eastern corner of the country. This project is Semco Maritime’s first major energy project in Africa and thus it is a major breakthrough to a new growth market.

- Africa is one of our major focus areas, since there is a great need for energy in order to create economic growth. Especially in the eastern part of the continent south of equator, says Vice President for Energy Infrastructure Hans Henrik Andersen.

The project will be a feat of strength for Semco Maritime, as the state energy company, Tanesco, will need the project to be carried out within a year. The project includes project management, design, procurement and construction of the 60 MW power plant. Rolls-Royce Energy is part of the consortium and will build the 10 engines for the power plant in their factory in Bergen, Norway.

Recently returned from Tanzania with the signed agreement, Hans Henrik Andersen expects the new heavy fuel plant to be ready at the end of 2011. This will necessitate a project organisation in Esbjerg with about 15 employees as well as 10-15 Semco employees on the installation site at the southern shore of Lake Victoria.
- Projects of this kind often drag out, and we have had the project in progress 18 months before the contract was signed, says Hans Henrik Andersen.

He describes the global market for power plants as difficult, however there are signs that the most critical phase of the financial crisis is over and that there are new opportunities of financing energy plants.

CEO of Semco Maritime, Steen Brødbæk, sees the order in Tanzania as an important step in the right direction to reach our goal to have energy projects contribute to the general growth of our company.

- Last year we defined Africa, the Middle East and certain parts of Asia as our target areas, all areas characterized by shortage of power production. In order to succeed their plans for industrialisation and improved standard of living, these areas need a higher power production, and we are ready to offer new plants as well as renovation of existing plants, says Steen Brødbæk.

The total project amount in Tanzania is 55 million euro, and Semco Maritime will have the major share of this amount.

For more information:
Please contact Vice President for Energy Infrastructure, Hans Henrik Andersen, tel. +45 79 16 66 66 – mobile: +45 30 38 64 20.
President & CEO, Steen Brødbæk, tel. +45 79 16 66 66