In a working environment where you’re never far away from flammable materials, risk needs to be eliminated. At Semco Maritime, we carry out extensive risk assessment for every refinery project. Our people are trained in internationally recognised safety procedures. All our systems for chemical injection, communication, gas detection and fire safety have a 30-year track record on the oil & gas industry’s rigs, platforms and refineries over the last 30 years. And we offer an extensive support package, backed up by a huge inventory of spare parts and an efficient workshop, as part of every job we do.

Powerful, integrated communication systems

Our SemSound public address and general alarm systems are based on 30 years of experience in providing our customers with reliable end-to-end communications solutions. And we can back up our systems with a full life-cycle service support so your systems are always up-to-date with the latest hardware and software. 

Fire and gas detection systems

Placing sensors at critical locations, our experts help fine-tune software applications to provide a fully integrated fire and gas detection system that’s engineered to the specific needs of your refinery.


Refineries adhere to strict fire-prevention rules. Semco Maritime’s rapid-response firefighting systems, including SemSafe, Deluge System and Foam System, exceed all international safety standards. But more importantly, they have proven their effectiveness in action, saving equipment from serious damage – and people from injury.

Dedicated support for your operations

Semco Maritime's Manpower division is dedicated to supporting, upgrading, refurbishing or modifying your operations. Our well-qualified, experienced staff includes engineers, technicians, paramedics and construction workers. And they are ready to take care of anything your refinery needs – from the maintenance and repair of your refinery’s structure and control systems to the provision of medical care for your people.

Chemical injection systems

We design and build chemical injection systems that meet the specific needs of each individual customer in the energy sector. From pump skids and injection panels to combined skids and storage tanks, all our chemical injection systems can be supplied with electrical or pneumatic pumps, constant flow valves, or a combination of the three.

Like to learn more?

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