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SemPAM frame agreement
Together, Semco Maritime and Systematic enter into framework agreement with Vatt...
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Robust installations for your platforms

Maintenance and installation

Keeping a platform operating in a harsh environment like the North Sea can be a constant battle. Corroded structural elements and piping need replacing at every five-year inspection. And advances in control systems mean that rigs need frequent upgrades and modifications to keep your people safe and your business one step ahead. For us, running a fast installation project that will keep your platform in operation 24/7 is simply what we do best. 

Electrical systems

Need to upgrade your platform’s electrical systems? Or do you need cost-effective maintenance of existing installations? We assemble highly qualified teams of electricians and technicians with a wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry fast. Our design and installation processes minimise downtime during installation. And our deep understanding of the working environment on production platforms means our safety and failsafe solutions are second to none.

Structure and piping

Our teams are experienced in the installation of piping and structural modification. From detailed surveys of structures to the installation of large, prefabricated units, we run our projects to make sure you get a quality product with zero downtime.

Like to learn more?

If you’d like to hear more about how you can get the best systems for your platforms, please call us on +45 7916 6666 or drop us a line at