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We have developed a range of automation, communication, electrical, hydraulic, fire and gas, and instrumentation systems to keep the offshore and energy sector connected, safe and operating smoothly. Read more about our products below - or click here to see our Products & Technology brochure .  

SemSound public address and general alarm system keeps facilities safe and connected.

As an introduction to the main components in our Semsound IP system we have produced 3 videos giving an introduction to:

1. ViPedia12SEM which is the Voice and Alarm Router or could say "the brain in the system"

2. V2000SEM which is the amplifier frame for up to 10 amplifiers and max. 2000W sound in 1 shel

3. MPS01SEM which is the Microphone station with 1 to 50 pushbuttons

SemSound demonstration

SemCoMem Compact and lightweight, the SemCoMem water treatment system removes dispersed oil from produced water and brings oil down to safe concentrations below 5mg/l. Click to read more on SemCoMem
SemSafe An instant response fire fighting system, SemSafe’s highly effective unique water mist system extinguishes fires and prevents reignition.  
SemN2 Inert gas is used for blanketing and purging of chemical tanks, and for purging of equipment and systems before maintenance. Click to read more on Nitrogen generation


An advanced solution enabling direct calls between a TETRA terminal and telephone networks, other radio systems like ships radio systems, helicopter radios, and traditional UHF onboard radios, making it a unique and effective way of communicating. Read more on SemTetra air repeater systems or click below to see video.

Component sales

Our component sales team provides expert advice on explosion-proof components and processes to the energy sector, onshore and offshore. For the past 30 years, our personal service, on time delivery and extensive range of solutions and systems has kept us top of mind in the industry. Learn more

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If you’d like to hear more about our extensive explosion-proof and standard component range, please call us on +45 7916 6666 or drop us a line at

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