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In short - all you need to know about working with us

Management style ...

How would you characterize the management style of Semco Maritime?

We are performance oriented and we have a very informal tone. We value open dialogue and we operate in a flat organisation.

Working at Semco Maritime ...

How is the working environment at Semco Maritime? 

We are committed and dedicated team players who are always ready to go the extra mile to make sure that we succeed in reaching our common goals. Commitment, inspiration, reliability and responsiveness are the foundation of our company culture. And these are the values that help make Semco Maritime a great place to work. Read more about working at Semco Maritime.


Do you arrange any social events for the employees? 

Yes – we put a lot of effort into ensuring that we boost the team spirit and the feeling of being “ONE company” – therefore we arrange many types of social happenings – from theme parties, sports events, Friday bar. Follow us on Facebook for a sneak peak on our social activities.


Do you have any company perks? 

Health care scheme, pension counselling, in-house social counselling – otherwise perks are role dependent.


Applying for an internship ...

How can I apply for an internship at Semco Maritime, or contact you in regards to writing my thesis at college/university?

We do not have any formal internship programs, BUT we have great experience from taking in interns from various educations. Please click below to apply for an internship.

In 2016, we won the price as the best internship company in Southern Denmark. Our very own Mike Seider nominated us for this fine award because of his great experience as an intern! Read about his experience here!

Applying for a job ...

How long will it take me to register and apply for a job?

It should take you 10-20 minutes to register and apply depending on how much information that you want to provide us with. The more we have, the easier it is to match you with present and future opportunities at Semco Maritime. To speed up the process, please have your resume/CV and other relevant documents ready before you begin. See vacancies here


Is it possible to apply by email or by post?

Unfortunately, we do not process applications via email or post. All applications must be submitted online, as this allows us to process your application more efficiently and enables us to consider you for both current and future positions. Find vacancies


Which documents do you need, apart from my resume/CV?

You do not need to provide any additional documentation to apply, but if you have documents that you would like to share, you can upload a maximum of five documents (to a maximum of 2MB each). Such documents could be: cover letter, references and certificates/diplomas. See our recruitment process here.


Did you receive my application?

As soon as you have successfully registered your application, you will receive an email with an attached confirmation letter. You will also receive your username and password in a separate e-mail which will enable you to log in and edit your profile if needed. Find our recruitment process

I submitted my application several weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything. What should I do?

We always strive to be responsive and quick, but we want to make sure to hire the right people that match the job criteria and fit into Semco Maritime's culture. The screening process takes time, and we ask for your patience. If your profile and our job and culture match, you may just be on your way into an exciting career with Semco Maritime. If you have further questions please contact our HR function which we call People, Safety & Quality.


How do I delete or edit my profile, resume/CV or other data?

Please use your username and password to log in to your account, where you will able to delete or edit your profile. Contact us if you have any further questions


How do I withdraw my application?

If you are no longer available for a position you have applied for, please delete your application or simply let us know when we contact you for an interview.

Career opportunities ...

Will I have a chance to further my career internally in Semco Maritime? 

We have a strong focus on developing the individual employee through continuous open dialogue and through half-yearly personal development dialogues. We listen to your goals and dreams and try to find ways to guide your career in the right direction. If you dream of working abroad for a few years, we will do our utmost to find opportunities abroad.

Your introduction to your new job

Once you have been employed at Semco Maritime, we do our utmost to make you feel comfortable in your new job and your new role.

We know that quick and efficient on-boarding is very important - not only for your job satisfaction but also for our bottom line! 

Therefore, you will also get a buddy or a mentor who will help guide you through your first months in our company. 
More about your introduction
Introduction to your new job

General enquiries

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