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The Bird Deterrent System by Semco Maritime

Product information

Offshore entities tick all the boxes when it comes to being the perfect facility for birds to feed, rest, and clean themselves during their seasonal bird migration or feeding frenzy.

The Bird Deterrent System has been developed by Semco Maritime to combat the health hazards, intensified maintenance requirements, and general OPEX afflicted by the presence of birds.

Typical areas of low operational activity with a good overview, such as helidecks, attract and pull birds like magnets, resulting in extensive cases of bird droppings and food disgorge.
In collaboration with bird anthologists, issues regarding bird droppings and food disgorge are now history marked by a successful track record.

Table of contents:

1. Applications, Rules, and Regulations
2. Topology
3. System Configuration
4. Detection Module
5. Scare Module
6. Controller Module

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Bird deterrent system by Semco Maritime

Our Bird Deterrent System has been developed to combat the health hazards, intensified maintenance requirements, and general OPEX afflicted by the presence of birds. The Bird Deterrent System topology is based on audible scare stimulus broadcasted when the birds are most alert and vulnerable.

1. Applications, Rules, and Regulations

The Bird Deterrent System (BDS) features a flexible design configuration, deployable by any applications onshore as well as offshore: Outdoor, marine, and hazardous (Ex) environments.

With +30 years of offshore experience, Semco Maritime only incorporates industrial high-end and sustainable materials, entailing glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or stainless steel (AISI316L / EN 1.4404).

The Bird Deterrent System is available as a safe area configuration, entailing IP66 grade in min. NEMA 4x, IK10 for shore-based applications to offshore applications for marine and Ex hazardous environments, and certified for ATEX and IECEx with multiple type approvals.

Our system and hardware design comply with the international aviation regulative CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and do not require any additional re-certification for helidecks.

2. Topology

In short, the Bird Deterrent System topology is based on audible scare stimulus broadcasted when the birds are most alert and vulnerable.

Birds react based on their instincts and tend to adapt to routines. It is therefore vital that a scare stimulus will not initiate on a regular basis or with no birds nearby, but only when birds attempt to approach the area of concern. Additionally, to obtain the highest effect the scare stimulus needs to be broadcast at exactly the right time with the right stimulus.

The moment the bird is about to land serves as the right time. The speed is lowered, the bird is stalling and starting the landing sequence. The right stimulus entails various audio tracks developed and tested in collaboration with bird anthologists and propagates in a random sequence to prevent the birds from developing and adapting to a routine.

The system operates autonomously with no requirement for third-party engagement or human intervention.

Remote access is provided for operative or administrative purposes as well as interface to third-party systems for remote alarm monitoring, operation, and inhabitation instigation featured in the system.

3. System Configuration

The Bird Deterrent System is seamless to install, and the operation incorporates a modular design basis to ensure flexibility and suit any client applications.

The system consists of three individual modular blocks entailing:

  • Detection module
  • Scare module
  • Control module

Seamless integration and interfaces to third-party systems are provided.

The Bird Deterrent System can interface with your PAGA, utilizing the microphone and loudspeakers in case of emergency. Other options allow you to interface the system to your LAN, ICSS, or your SCADA.

4. Detection Module

This hardware is provided for applications relating to physical environments, practical specifications or considerations.

The cameras are fixed and equipped with optics to suit the application. To ensure reliable resolution, 4 cameras are typically deployed for a helideck entailing:

Detection camera specifications:

  • Onshore, offshore, or petrochemical environments
  • IP66 and/or ATEX/IECEx certified for hazardous environments
  • Embedded/Edge video analytics or centralized video analytics

Laser scanner - for special applications:

  • Onshore, marine, or petrochemical environments
  • IP66 (not suitable for hazardous environments)
  • Embedded/Edge detection analytics

The purpose of the camera station is to monitor the area around the defined field and initiate an alarm in the event of birds approaching the specified area. The quality of applications deployed with local edge technology for video analytics is ensured by high-end camera modules and clear imaging even in low-light conditions. High sensitivity combined with Content-Based Imaging Technology (CBIT) ensure clear, crisp, and detailed images. The intelligent noise reduction reduces bandwidth requirements by up to 50%.

Reliable monitoring and quality imaging are governed by a high resolution up to 50 fps.

During an alarming situation (bird categorized as potentially landing in the defined area), the intelligent video analysis provides awareness to the BDS Controller/CPU of an alarm situation, which then initiates the scare stimulus.

Expl proof camera
An example of an explosion proof camera station manufactured in stainless steel and certified according to ATEX and IECEx.

This is governed by the embedded edge intelligent video analytics (IVA) algorithm, performing multi-level image analysis of pixel, texture, and motion content. IVA tracks the trajectory (speed and direction) of all objects and captures data of everything that happens within the specified area. Content analysis information, in the form of metadata, is generated and contains details of all objects within, entering, or leaving the specified area.

Where centralized video analytics is applicable, miniature cameras can be deployed, ensuring swift installations in areas with limited physical installation options.
With only Ø55 mm, this explosion proof camera station can be installed practically anywhere.

Expl proof mini camera
An example of a miniature explosion proof camera station manufactured in partly stainless steel/GRP and certified according to ATEX and IECEx.

5. Scare Module

The scare module is constituted by specially developed audio tracks propagated by an industrial standard speaker system.

Our BDS speakers are built and certified for the offshore industry. The design follows the standards of the ATEX Directive (in Europe) and the IECEx Certification globally.

The loudspeakers are arranged to face and cover the area of concern, as in the field of view of the associated camera station, to effectively propagate the scare stimulus directly at the area of detection.

Expl proof loudspeaker2
The loudspeaker is a horn type operating on 100 V line topology and provided with M20 cable glands. Output tapping is typically set for 12,5W with a sound pressure level of ~103dB.

Diagram SPL vs angle


6. Controller Module

Controller configuration is indicative and dependent on application specifications. We strive to meet client expectations, specific requirements, and needs.

The controller module constitutes the central equipment of the Bird Deterrent System and is available as seen in the following options:

  • 19”, 4HU rack cabinet for installation in an indoor equipment rack cabinet.
  • Stainless steel, IP66 indoor/outdoor enclosure.
  • Stainless steel, IP66, ATEX/IECEx certified enclosure with Exe termination chamber.

BDS controller unit front back
An example of a BDS controller manufactured in stainless steel and certified according to ATEX and IECEx.

The controller, regardless of application option, comprises:

  • BDS controller
  • Audio 100V amplifier, 100 or 200W
  • Video Encoder
  • Video Analytics
  • Input/Output Interface Module for ICSS or others
  • LAN interface
  • Utility Power Supplies
  • Logic Controller
  • Speaker Line Monitoring
  • Thermostatic Controlled Heater/Demister

BDS controller unit inside

An example is the development of the mobile BDS skid. This skid has been developed for application areas to feature and be equipped with the Bird Deterrent System for an interim period of time. 

The alternative setup was organised in accordance with the client’s wish to accommodate it to the oil and gas rigs stacked near the coast between assignments offshore.

To avoid additional maintenance and OPEX during the stacked interim period, the mobile BDS skid is deployed in the center of the helideck and only requires a power feed. Detection, scare, and controller modules are all integrated into the skid to cover 360 degrees horizontally and to keep the helideck clean.

Bds controller unit front left

To minimize the installation even further, we offer a system bracket for the detection camera assembly. Its flexible design is prepared for flange mount as well as pole mount.

Furthermore, it has been manufactured in stainless steel and will be delivered fully wired and completely assembled, comprising a:

  • Detection camera
  • Scare speaker
  • Interface junction box

Semco Maritime is the owner of one of the biggest offshore cable warehouses in Northern Europe. You can, therefore, confidently expect to get a cable matching your configuration needs.

All cables live up to the general offshore requirements with regards to their electrical characteristics. For your Bird Deterrent System, we also offer a hybrid cable/composite cable, saving you time on the wiring and physical space on your installation.

Should you have special inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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