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General enquiries
Tel. +45 7916 6666


Semco Maritime
Esbjerg Brygge 30
DK- 6700 Esbjerg


Our people is our strength

In Semco Maritime, dedication is a major driving force. We LOVE what we do, we are team-players and we always get the job done! Do you want to join us?


You can also apply unsolicited, just use the links below:

White collar - office jobs

We are always on the look-out for dedicated and qualified people. We therefore welcome unsolicited applications - upload your CV online today!

Blue collar - offshore / onshore

We look for independent, well-qualified people with experience from the Offshore wind and Oil & Gas industry to support offshore operations.

Consultancy assignments

We provide consultants for our customers  in the energy sector; mostly engineers, construction supervisors and technicians.


Join our amazing offshore family

Combine freedom and exciting challenges!

Our offshore colleagues typically work in shifts based on 2/2 or 2/3 rotations, which means that they spend 2 weeks offshore and then the following 2-3 weeks at home.

This is an attractive lifestyle option for many because it gives plenty of free time to focus on time with friends and family, home renovation or other projects, hobbies or even travel.

Meet our Dedicated People

I am one of the lucky few!

Maria Hald
Senior Technical Designer

Maria Hald work as a technical designer in our Large Projects department. She is one of the few who gets the chance to be a part of both the engineering phase and the construction phase of our EPC projects. 

"The best thing about working here is that I still after many years in the company feel that my job is evolving – it never gets boring. I love the informal yet serious culture in Semco Maritime and I really appreciate the fairness that I experience throughout the entire organization!"

I love that no two days are alike!

Kasper Juul
Technical Lead,
LV Installations

Kasper works as an electrical engineer in the LV department. This means that I am designing LV systems on offshore substation projects for the wind industry. 

"My history with Semco Maritime goes far back to when I started as an apprentice electrician. The best thing about being a LV power specialist in Semco Maritime is definitely that I am not only a LV specialist. LV integrates with so many other systems, and you therefore need to be a little familiar with or have some knowledge of these as well."

I have an extra "family" offshore!

Lars Frausing
Offshore Crane Operator

Our colleague, Lars Frausing, is a Crane Operator and works offshore in rotation. He loves the offshore way of life because it gives him the perfect combination of freedom and exciting challenges:

"To me, working offshore is an attractive lifestyle because it gives plenty of free time to focus on my friends and family, and hobbies. I feel like I have vacation 10 times of year. At the same time, I have a really strong bond with my offshore colleagues. We are members of an "offshore family" and we share a team spirit that you will probably not experience in standard 8-16 jobs!"

I found my dream job in Sales

Maria Balslev Jørgensen
Sales Assistant, Renewables

Maria Balslev Jørgensen started with us as an intern in Large Projects – after her studies in energy engineering she took on a permanent position as an Executive Assistant.

"From the very beginning I have been 100% open about how I saw myself in a dream position in Sales. In February 2022, I relocated to Sales in the Renewables division. Something that only came into place, because I had an open dialogue with my managers and HR about how I dreamed about working in Sales. And my ambitions do not end here -  I am just happy that I can discuss that openly with my manager!"

I have a passion for innovation

Jeppe Lützhøft
Senior Electrical Engineer

Jeppe Lützhøft has been working as an electrical engineer for the past 8 years. He developed a taste for Innovation and together with his manager he has now found an arrangement that makes it possible for him to work with innovation full time...

"I have always been passionate about Innovation and digitalisation, therefore it's great to be allowed to develop in that direction and try it out full time for a period! It gives me a huge kick to build something that makes everyday life smarter and more efficient. In innovation, I get to run the DataInsight project, which contains parts of everything I find interesting, from Python to deep learning and business development of IT projects."

I look forward to the next project!

Kasper Thomsen
Director, EPC Management

Our colleague, Kasper, is Director, EPC Management and this means that he is in charge of large offshore substation projects:

"Managing substation projects can be an intense and challenging experience - but upon successful completion, I always find myself looking forward to the next substation in line...

I like the nature of these large, fast-paced and complex projects, and I am motivated by being able to deliver high-quality solutions exactly as planned!"

Your introduction to your new job

Once you have been employed at Semco Maritime, we do our utmost to make you feel comfortable in your new job and your new role.

We know that quick and efficient on-boarding is very important - not only for your job satisfaction but also for our bottom line! 

Therefore, you will also get a buddy or a mentor who will help guide you through your first months in our company.

How do I apply for a job?

Apply for a vacant position:
If you are interested in one of our job openings, please apply online as we only accept electronic applications. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours.

We screen all our applications continually during the application period. In order to find the right match we look at competences, experience and education.

Unsolicited applications:
you can also submit an unsolicited application - fill in your information online. Your application will be filed in our job database - and every time we have a job opening we check this database to see if we have a match.

Read more about our recruitment process

How is the working environment?

The environment is informal and friendly - and there is a large degree of freedom with responsibility, flexibility and a great team spirit - "one for all, all for one".

We are committed and dedicated team players who are always ready to go the extra mile to make sure that we succeed in reaching our common goals.

Safety, Commitment, inspiration, reliability and responsiveness are the foundation of our company culture.

Semco Maritime is a great place to work.

Can I develop my career in Semco Maritime?

Will I have a chance to further my career internally in Semco Maritime? 

We have a strong focus on developing the individual employee through continuous open dialogue and through half-yearly personal development dialogues. We listen to your goals and dreams and try to find ways to guide your career in the right direction. If you dream of working abroad for a few years, we will do our utmost to find opportunities abroad.

How do I apply for an internship?

We will post internship openings whenever available - therefore keep an eye on the list of vacancies above!

We do not have any formal internship programs, BUT we have great experience from taking in interns from various educations. 

We select students based on their line of study - but also very much based on their mindset and attitude.

Apart from your theoretical skills we also look for:

  • Motivation and dedication
  • A can-do attitude
  • Open-minded and independent 
  • Willingness to learn
  • Curious about turning theory into practice