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Offshore wind farm assets

Firefighting solutions

Integrated EPCI firefighting solutions specifically designed for offshore wind farm assets.

Firefighting solutions for offshore wind farms:

At Semco Maritime, our fire protection expertise and experience are deeply rooted in the challenges of both the conventional energy sector and the offshore wind industry. 

Today, our experienced firefighting team is driven by the challenges posed by the shift away from older yet effective products to more environmentally friendly alternatives.

We always choose the best solution from an environmental perspective, while still designing the simplest and most fail-safe solutions tailored to each specific application.

Inert Gas System


Why choose an Inert Gas System?

  • Rapid fire extinguishing – usually within 40 seconds.
  • Thorough fire extinguishment – minimizing reignition risks.
  • No harm to individuals or equipment.
  • Prevents secondary damages.
Foam System

Compressed Air Foam (CAF)

Why choose a foam system?

  • Efficient firefighting against fuel fires.
  • Useable in outdoor environments.
  • Object protection for equipment requiring three-dimensional coverage of firefighting
  • Fluorine-free foam provides environmentally friendly firefighting solutions.
DIFF system

Helideck Firefighting Systems

Why choose a helideck firefighting system?

  • A standalone helideck firefighting system ensures that the helideck can be used even if the foam system has been released/emptied.
  • Non-pop-up nozzles which are almost flat on top of the helideck.
  • With a safety deck, only water is needed to extinguish a fire.
Extensive offshore wind experience

In collaboration with partners, we have successfully completed the design and construction of more than 20 offshore substations, which makes us a leader in EPCI solutions and services for the offshore wind industry. 

Operation, service and monitoring

We take care of all phases of firefighting projects including operation, service, and monitoring in order to maximise your uptime. From simple ad hoc service based on time and material to full-scope asset lifetime service agreements 

We have done it before:
Cases and references

Case: Vineyard, US

Firefighting for Vineyard Wind 1

800MW offshore substation project for windfarm, located off the coast of Massachusetts US.

The active fire protection consists of one self-expanding foam system, two inert gas systems, and one DIFF system.

The foam system provides object protection of the oil-filled equipment, HV Transformers, HV shunt reactors, and EATs. The Inert gas systems provide total flooding applications in all electrical utility rooms.

The DIFF system provides protection of the helideck by covering the deck in a water/foam mix within 15 seconds, using Nitrogen propellant.

Case: Arcadis

Arcadis Ost substation

Offshore substation for wind farm located off the coast of Germany. The project consisted of design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of the active fire protection systems.

Stand-alone Inert Gas systems are installed for protection of electrical utility rooms, a redundant premix foam system for all oil-filled equipment, HV Transformer, shunt reactor, and EAT. Finally, a pump-driven non-popup DIFF system protects the helideck.

Case: Ørsted

Hornsea Project One

Design and EPCI of firefighting systems for the Hornsea Project One offshore substation in the UK sector (2016-2018). Transformers, auxiliary transformers and shunt reactor rooms are protected by a stand-alone foam system (fluorine-free foam). All other rooms requiring fire protection are protected by an argonite inert gas system.

Case: HSM Offshore and Energinet

Horns Rev 3

Design, production, testing and installation of stand-alone low-pressure water mist system designed to protect two diesel generator rooms on Horns Rev 3 in the Danish North Sea (2015-2016).

Case: Bladt Industries and Vattenfall


A very large offshore substation project as far as the scope is concerned since high voltage systems, SCADA and fire protection are part of this project. The project phases include engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of topside equipment in the German North Sea. The project was completed in August 2016 after which intensive testing and training took place.

Case: Bladt Industries and Innogy

Nordsee One

EPCI contract including all electrical disciplines and all phases from design to commissioning of an offshore substation for Innogy Nordsee One Wind Farm in the German North Sea (2014-2016). Semco Maritime’s scope included: Transformers, high voltage equipment, medium voltage equipment, fire and gas detection, firefighting systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, telecommunication systems.

Engineering studies and calculations

Using all relevant firefighting technologies our firefighting specialists design and calculate the optimum solutions to fit the needs for your offshore wind farm assets.

Firefighting for offshore substations

Many years of experience in designing, constructing and installing firefighting systems on offshore substations.

Operation, service and monitoring

We take care of all phases of firefighting projects including operation, service and monitoring in order to maximise your uptime.

Wherever you are in the world, we have technicians ready to serve you ...


Jesper Svensson

Sales Manager, Firefighting Products

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg

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Semco Maritime A/S
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