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Firefighting solutions


INERGEN® works by utilizing a method called oxygen displacement for extinguishing fires. The goal of oxygen displacement is to lower the oxygen level within the protected area, depriving the fire of the oxygen it needs to support combustion.

Inergen is composed entirely of gases that naturally exist in the atmosphere and poses no harm to humans.

Inergen, also known as IG541, is a combination of gasses found naturally in the atmosphere (52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon, and 8% Carbon dioxide). Consequently, activating the system has no environmental impact, as it has no global warming potential or ozone depletion potential.

When a fire erupts, the Inergen system is triggered automatically, typically extinguishing the fire within 40 seconds and preventing re-ignition. The fire is suppressed by Inergen reducing the oxygen concentration in the protected area from 20.9% to around 12%. This reduced oxygen level smothers the fire before it can grow. This approach averts consequential harm to interiors, inventory, data, and equipment, making it truly distinctive.

Remaining in a room where an Inergen system is activated is completely safe for humans. You might find yourself taking deeper breaths than usual. This natural response occurs because your brain seeks the same oxygen amount as before the system activated, even as the oxygen level drops. This adjustment happens automatically.

Safe Fire Protection for assets and structures 

Whether safeguarding storage spaces, batteries, equipment, or engine compartments, an Inergen solution offers optimal protection for both assets and personnel.

5 Compelling reasons to go with an Inergen® solution:

1. Equipment Preservation

Inergen operates by reducing oxygen levels in the protected area from 20.9% to approximately 12%, effectively suffocating a fire before it escalates. This safeguards the structure, interiors, inventory, data, and machinery from collateral damage. 

2. Safety for people

Remaining in a room with an activated Inergen system is entirely safe for humans. You might notice deeper breathing, as your brain compensates for the lowered oxygen level automatically, usually without your awareness.

3. Environmentally friendly solution

Inergen is a blend of natural gases (nitrogen 52%, argon 40%, and carbon dioxide 8%). This ensures that system activation has no adverse impact on the environment. Chemicals are not part of the process. This eco-friendly approach has a neutral greenhouse effect and does not harm the ozone layer.

4. Cost-efficient solution

In the event of a fire, the Inergen system activates automatically, extinguishing the flames in about 40 seconds and preventing re-ignition. After the event, ventilating the area is recommended, and once completed, normal operations can resume as if nothing happened.

5. Reliability

Every component of a Fire Eater Inergen system undergoes thorough post-installation testing. Specialized measuring equipment allows routine checks of component functionality, ensuring system reliability.

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Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
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Sales Manager, Firefighting Products

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg

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