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SemSound IP

SemSound IP is a fully redundant PA/GA system integrated with safety systems on-board as well as fault reporting to on-board control system. 

  • Call Station - safe area
  • Remote I/O Expansion unit
  • Modular power amplifier
  • Amplifier module
  • Intelligent End Of Line
  • Call Station MPS10Ex
    - Gooseneck microphone 8075128
    - Fist microphone 8075129
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SemSound IP


SemSound is a complete PA/GA system that comprises network controllers, power amplifiers, call stations, call station interfaces and keypads, end of line (EOL) supervision boards and supervision board controls:

  • Network Controller
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Call Station Remote
  • Call Station Basic
  • Call Station Interface
  • Call Station Keypad
  • End of Line (EOL) Supervision Board
  • Supervision Control Board
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