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Tel. +45 7916 6666


Semco Maritime
Esbjerg Brygge 30
DK- 6700 Esbjerg

Safety focus

When it comes to safety, we do not accept compromises

Positive recognition

You deserve a high five!

Studies show that when we feel valued and appreciated on the job it enhances our job satisfaction, productivity and organisational morale. In short, positive recognition is great for our mental wellbeing – and it is also good for business.

Therefore we put focus on the importance of recognising each other for the work we do, the people we are – for the little things, for great performance, for successes, for work ethics and great personalities.

Meet some of our "high-five-deserving" people

Safety campaign:

Safety is part of our DNA

Every day we face a number of more or less dangerous situations in our professional as well as private life. We believe it is possible to avoid Lost Time Accidents completely if we manage to create a culture where safety awareness comes natural.

We inspire our colleagues to consider the impact any accident can have on their private and professional life.


Safety campaign:

We share our safety moments

One of our internal campaigns to increase safety focus and awareness invited everyone to take photos of "safety moments".

A "safety moment" is when we share a situation that almost went wrong or actually did go wrong with our colleagues. It can be a situation in your private life, at your job, in the traffic or during your leisure activities.

Why we do it? Because we care and because we do not compromise! #WeCare