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Semsound PAGA systems

Integrated and reliable communication system

SemSound PAGA systems

Fulfilling offshore application and safety rules

The PAGA system is fully redundant and integrated with safety systems on-board as well as fault reporting to on-board control system.
The design includes calculation for 100% sound coverage as well as best articulation.

We could also include a bird deterrent system as integrated with PAGA or as stand-alone system keeping your helideck free for seagull droppings reducing cleaning and minimizing the safety risk.

Our design and deliveries also cover all required safety systems such as NDB, RACON, GMDSS EPIRP/SART and navigational aid systems.

  • SemSound PAGA system
  • SemSound IP PAGA system
  • GMDSS radio system
  • Radar beacon/RACON
  • NDB - Non Directional Beacon
  • Talk-Back system
  • Sound Powered Telephone system
  • CCTV - Closed Circuit Television System
  • BDS - Bird Deterrent System
  • Navigational equipment
  • PAGA system for rig/ship
  • PAGA system for platform

Semsound PAGA systems


SemSound: ViPedia12Sem
- the brain of the system

In this video we introduce the ViPedia12SEM which is the Voice and Alarm Router or you could call it "the brain of the system". 


SemSound: V2000SEM
- the amplifier frame

In this video we introduce the V2000SEM which is the amplifier frame for up to 10 amplifiers and max. 2000W sound in 1 shell.


SemSound: MPS01SEM
microphone station

In this video we introduce the MPS01SEM which is the microphone station with 1 to 50 pushbuttons.


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