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What is a PAGA System?
A Public Address General Alarm (PAGA) system integrates broadcasting with emergency communication and alarms, enabling a fast, safe and efficient communication with the offshore personnel.

It typically consists of Amplifiers, Speakers, Beacons, Access Panels and in many cases, it is combined with other types of communication systems, like PABX, UHF/TETRA Radios and other emergency systems like Fire & Gas, Access Control System and POB systems.
IP-based PA Systems
The IP-based PA system uses Internet Protocol (IP) networks to distribute audio and control signals between PAGA systems across the installation as well as for remote control and surveillance from the onshore control centre. Instead of one central amplifier it will be possible to distribute the PAGA system on the installation to limit the cable length for loudspeakers and flashing beacons. The IP / network part is an integrated part of the PAGA system to make it a secure form of communication that does not rely on the onboard LAN network.

For example, our SemSound IP Public Address and Alarm (PA/GA) system is a fully digital system utilizing IP connectivity between multiplatform systems as well as IP connection for remote access.


SemSound: V2000SEM - the amplifier frameIn this video we introduce the V2000SEM which is the amplifier frame for up to 10 amplifiers and max. 2000W sound in 1 shell.


SemSound: ViPedia12Sem - the brain of the system
In this video we introduce the ViPedia12SEM which is the Voice and Alarm Router or you could call it "the brain of the system".


SemSound: MPS01SEM - microphone station
In this video we introduce the MPS01SEM which is the microphone station with 1 to 50 pushbuttons.

Comparison of network-based and Analogue systems




Restricted by physical wires Flexible, configurable, with multiple zones possible


Wired to the central amplifier Anywhere as long as equipment is on the same secure network

Equipment cost

Lower Higher

Installation cost

Higher Lower

Distributed PAGA system

Not possible Possible


Obsolescence of analogue/traditional PAGA
With the benefits an IP-based PAGA system provides, we have seen a movement towards the adoption of the IP-Based systems. For example, older oil platforms have started to seek a replacement of their analogue systems to a network-based one, especially if they plan to continue operations or expand. The IP PAGA system is also smaller in size which a great benefit for upgrades reusing existing cabinets etc.

New projects across the industry (such as FPSOs, Platforms, OSSs, and RCSs) that we’ve supported are also opting for network-based systems, in order to build an integrated telecommunication ecosystem onboard.

Semco Maritime as a Telecom System Integrator
Having been in the energy industry for more than 40 years, Semco Maritime is a high-quality telecom system integrator, able to address all your telecommunication needs. Get in touch with us here and our telecommunication experts will help provide insights and re-commendations on how to best outfit your installation.

If you already have a PAGA system in place and are unsure if it’s suitable for an upgrade, we also have a service team who can help you with a full system check.

With less physical wiring, the ability to create specialized zoning, and the ability to integrate with other audio and safety systems, a network-based PAGA system comes out ahead from the analogue in a complex and controlled environments offshore.