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Semco Maritime
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For the past year, we have performed several remote FATs - from our locations in both Singapore and Denmark. Our qualified specialists, test engineers, manufacturers, third-party inspectors and our customers from across the offices in the world are now able to participate in the FATs without having to travel around the world to be at the actual test staging location. Despite any travel restrictions, we can therefore meet the delivery schedule to the customer yards or sites while reducing project risks, cost and CO2 impact!

Remote collaboration using Augmented Reality was performed using a Microsoft Teams meeting. Semco Maritime’s test engineer wore Microsoft HoloLens-2® while he was performing the FAT at our workshop in Singapore. Meanwhile, from the comfort of the customer’s office at the other part of the world (from Brazil to Norway to Malaysia to Singapore), the project teams were visually seeing exactly what the test engineer was seeing.

And with the augmented reality features, the team would also show & share the electronic drawings, indicate mark-up, compare them with the actual panel or equipment which also were visual to the test engineer.

During the past year, remote collaboration & augmented reality have helped us successfully perform and deliver FATs of Telecommunications & Fire Fighting systems for high profile customers in Renewables & Oil & Gas industries until date with much appreciation from the customer - and as a positive side-effect all participants, save on travelling, CO2 and manhours! 

Sometimes desperate times call for INNOVATIVE solutions!

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fat testing using AR technology