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Semco Maritime
Esbjerg Brygge 30
DK- 6700 Esbjerg

Maintenance and commissioning services

Customer: IberdrolaLocation: The German part of the Baltic SeaPeriod: 2016-2021

HV commissioning and energisation of offshore substation. Implementation and supervision of all electrical safety aspects. Maintenance of the integrity of the Balance of Plant (BoP) components by performing a series of periodical inspections and continuous monitoring to regularly check the integrity of the equipment and identify any change in load.

Competences and systems
  • Coordination of testing and High-voltage commissioning
  • Energising of all offshore submersible cabling
  • Coordination of safety procedures
  • Authorised operator of all High-voltage, firefighting and fire detection systems
  • Control of operational procedures related to energising of turbines
  • RAMS and reporting
  • Delivery of temporary offices and welfare facilities
  • Equipment delivery
  • Other ad hoc activities related to commissioning
  • Inspection and certification of WTG structure above and below water
  • Inspection and certification of OSS support Structure and Topsides above water.
  • Zero lost-time accidents (LTAs) to date
  • Positive feedback from the customer regarding the service concept