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Let's innovate:

Join us in doing things differently!

Thinking, acting, learning and doing things differently!

We have developed an ambitious innovation strategy, which we want to share with you!

Thinking out-of-the-box requires acting the same, so we decided to build our strategy in LEGO ... Why? Because LEGO brings out the playful and creative sides of all of us – enjoy the video below and see where the fun takes us.

Extracting meaningful insights from data

Data is the foundation of bringing energy to shore

How can we use data from offshore wind substations to the benefit of our clients? DataInsight is the answer - an innovation idea and product, initially brought forward by our SCADA specialists in Renewables. The idea was further developed in close cooperation with our dedicated Innovation Team ... and then things started to move fast!

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Automatic corrosion management

The Automatic Corrosion Management tool detects corrosion and visually marks the areas in a 3D scan with exact corrosion coordinates. The system automatically generates a corrosion report within 24 hours and helps our customers manage corrosion from inspection to repair and to quality control.

We partnered up with EIC, ZEVIT, MM Survey, and Aalborg University to further continue developing and strengthen our Automatic Corrosion Management project and we have been granted funding from EU's Regional Fund for further development. 

Augmented Reality

During an Innovation inspiration event, we learned more about Microsoft HoloLens and how to work anywhere using AR, which inspired 5 colleagues to share ideas on how this can bring value to Semco Maritime. Currently, we are testing different devices and scenarios to better understand the ROI and usability in our industry. Want to know more, feel free to contact us!

Big thanks to Building Point Scandinavia for lending us their Trimble XR10 to be able to carry out some of the tests offshore.

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Meet the man behind the Automatic Corrosion Management idea - Jeppe Lützhøft

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Work packages in Virtual Reality

By using the latest immersive technologies, we ensure an in-depth understanding of complex environments. This was reached by combining point clouds with extensive 3D modelling in virtual reality (VR). This proved itself as a strong tool for ensuring information sharing and reaching a common understanding amongst our colleagues and clients alike.

Products and components in an online catalogue

What our Component Sales team does best is to advise, guide, and support our clients in which components that are best for them, how they are installed, and how they can generate value for them and their business in the future.

The output of this project is an Online Data Catalogue that allows our clients to see which components Semco Maritime offers, and if they are in stock. This in turn allows our Component Sales team to focus solely on value adding guiding our clients.

SemcoMobile app

In January 2019, we launched an app, which will enable us to communicate with existing as well as future employees directly. 

We developed the SemcoMobile app in cooperation with both offshore users and personnel coordinators. We reached our initial user goal within a couple of weeks and our users describe the app in three words: »Easy, fast and Simple!«

Together with you, our partners and clients, we want to challenge the status quo. Join us in doing things differently!
Let us innovate together!

Contact our innovation team

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Innovation Lead
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Istvan Klapka

Student Assistant
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