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Semco Maritime
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Datainsight is defined as Easy-to-access view of key data

For the manager, leader, or operational lead who needs a continuous overview and insight into the daily operations of their asset or system, Semco Maritime presents to you Datainsight. This solution is best described as a “visual executive report of operations”. With Datainsight, Semco Maritime can now provide its customers with a simple and easy-to-access view of key data, which could be measurement data, alarms or calculated values from the connected system or number of systems. Our client can access the dashboard view from your computer browser, tablet or smartphone via a dedicated link. Datainsight offers a simple overview of the data our client needs in order to be in control and ensure maximum uptime for all systems and operations.

The power of data does not end with merely viewing the current state of one’s asset. With the help of Datainsight, Semco Maritime’s clients end up with a massive and ever-increasing dataset to explore. But what happens when there are unexpected changes in data patterns? These anomalies—deviations from business as usual — are caused by incidents in the real world. Whatever the reason for that deviation, it is essential to be able to trace the root cause.

Semco Maritime Innovation team offers unique insight into the actual warning, deviation, and actions required to solve the detected anomaly.