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Semco Maritime
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Cyber security

It is about managing risks and about understanding the close link between risk and credibility


Risk = Consequence x Vulnerability x Threat

Introducing "zero" as one of the factors might be tempting – but very often out of touch with reality ...

We help enterprises – you – bring RISK under control by employing a systematic approach to the 3 factors in the equation:

Risk = Consequence x Vulnerability x Threat

We offer assistance in the shape of specialists during all phases of both projects and operations.

We draw upon our cooperation with PwC as we - truth be told - are more focused on Operations Technology (OT) -industrial automation and operations, while the "pure" IT disciplines, naturally of equal importance, has a better fit with our partner.

Cyber Security is not a "Quick Fix" but rather a "Life Cycle Continuum" in which Semco Maritime is "Safeguarding People & Assets" in supplying:

  • Scoping of applicable and governing laws and regulations
  • Interpretation of applicable and governing laws and regulations
  • Establishing of relevant functions, systems, plans, processes and technologies in context of above points
  • Auditing and Assessment
  • Remedial Action schemes

What we do

Cyber Security is not a "Commercial off the shelf’ commodity - it is a carefully crafted process with distinct and very professional contents.

Irrespective whether Cyber Security is employed in a context of OT or IT, a process approach has to be taken.

We focus on the three elements of OT:
People, Processes and Technology
Cyber Security landscape:

We help you navigate

  • Legislation
  • Standards
  • Definitions
  • Methods
  • Technologies

We take you there

NERC CIP - the reliability standards from "North American Electric Reliability Corporation" address the Cyber Security aspects of "Critical Infrastructure Protection". We offer comprehensive consultancy and substation engineering based on the NERC CIP framework and have extensive experience from not only our projects in North America but also from projects in Taiwan.

Our investment in this regulatory complex is part our general strategy of operations support and risk management – applicable not only on US projects but certainly also in Europe, Far East and possibly even in Australia.

How we do it

For this we offer a team of specialists that bring focus on the elements of the "risk equation" (Risk = Consequence x Vulnerability x Threat) and places it in the context of a number of international standards and guidelines.

Examples include the assessment and ranking of risk according to NIST 800-30 – or adding IEC 61508 which contributes with life-cycle aspects of functional safety.

Finally, we would also bring ISO 27001 or IEC 62443 into the mix. The product is a clear awareness of the actual risks and the associated set of barriers or risk-mitigating activities.

Why Semco Maritime?

For many years, Semco Maritime has protected the credibility of enterprises. We call it "Safeguarding People and Assets".

We know that the nature of "risk" is tightly coupled with "credibility". The credibility of an enterprise or institution has a huge impact on its perceived value or justification in society. Therefore we claim that we protect your credibility when we help you manage risks. We provide you with a different perspective or priority to the credibility of your enterprise – to reduce your risk.

In a clear recognition that Cyber Security involves a very broad array of disciplines, systems and standards, we have formed a partnership with PwC – allowing us to reign in risk at all fronts – 360 degrees.

Wherever you are in the world we have technicians ready to serve you ...

Andrew Wang

Senior Manager, Telecom products

Semco Maritime Pte Ltd.
20 Toh Guan Road
07-03 CJ Logistics Building
Singapore 608839

Per Holgersen

Business Development Manager, Telecom

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg

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Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg

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Semco Maritime Pte Ltd.
20 Toh Guan Road
07-03 CJ Logistics Building
Singapore 608839

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