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Semco Maritime
Esbjerg Brygge 30
DK- 6700 Esbjerg

In 2023, the existing agreement led to a new initiative focusing on sustainability and recycling. The IT department at Semco Maritime was replacing a number of computer screens that were still functional and could be useful elsewhere. Instead of discarding the computer screens, Semco Maritime chose to donate them to Esbjerg Municipality. In this way, the use phase of the screens was expanded at local schools in the municipality.

“Semco Maritime is a proud partner of the climate partnership. We are constantly working to reduce our carbon emissions, including our consumption of resources and waste. We are happy with the collaboration with the municipality on reusing electronics, thus contributing to a more circular economy,” says Irene Kjærskov Pedersen, who is responsible for sustainability at Semco Maritime.

In the fall, the first 80 computer screens were picked up and subsequently, the screens were distributed among five primary schools that had bid to receive the screens. Here, the screens are primarily used to create teacher workstations or replace existing workstations in offices at the schools. Other screens are used in SFO or clubs.

“Via the more than 20 climate partnerships, we have allied ourselves with local companies in the fight to reduce carbon emissions in our municipality. At Semco Maritime, they have come up with a really good idea, and it is such innovation and breaking habits that are needed to reach our goal of reducing emissions. Here, it makes good sense to think about recycling and reuse, and it’s great that it benefits the schools,” says Jørgen Ahlquist, Chairman of the Climate and Environment Committee.

On one of the first days of 2024, another load of screens was picked up at Semco Maritime, and this time it is Gredstedbro Skole Vadehav and Nordre Skole Fortuna in Bramming that will benefit from the screens.

More screens may be on the way if Semco Maritime needs to upgrade computer screens again. Esbjerg Municipality would immediately be interested in taking over as many screens as possible. Reusing not only benefits the environment by reducing electronic waste and the production of new equipment but also reduces expenses for IT equipment.