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Tel. +45 7916 6666


Semco Maritime
Esbjerg Brygge 30
DK- 6700 Esbjerg

Since June 2022, Meyers has taken over the canteen operation at Semco Maritime in Esbjerg. In the last couple of months, Meyers has provided Semco Maritimes employees their daily lunch, with a focus on healthy, organic, and sustainable food without compromising on good taste. For Semco Maritime, finding a partner who can meet our demands for food enjoyment, health, and concern for the environment was important. We are sure we have found that in Meyers.  Meyers has an ambitious roadmap to become carbon neutral, and At Meyers, they have carried out a comprehensive and detailed mapping of the climate footprint of all their operations. They, therefore, work with sustainability from a wide angle, and with initiatives throughout the whole chain. They serve food that encourages people to choose greens and where saturation and savory come from local ingredients, leguminous fruit, whole meal, and fish from Danish waters.

In the Canteen, they also focus on food waste, as have started to position-adjust the servings, thereby inserting an initiative that makes us have less food waste. They also serve vegetarian options daily, allowing us to contribute positively to the environment by choosing a meat-free option.  Sustainability is important to Semco Maritime, and health is a core element of our daily track records. The health and well-being of our employees are a priority, and ensuring good healthy food is important. We want our employees to be satisfied and full of energy when they return to work after lunch and have the capacity to be fully present and aware in the workplace, to ensure the best work environment possible.

Together with Meyers Canteen, Semco Maritime also welcomed ToGoodToGo. Together Semco Maritime and ToGoodToGo stand together to fight the battle against wasted food, and each day after lunch, our employees can order leftover food to take home. This initiative makes sure that good food gets eaten and is not wasted. Since the initiative started in September, we have already sold 116 Too Good To Go bags, and we have saved 290 kg of CO2 by using ToGoodToGo. Reducing food waste is crucial for the environment, and Semco Maritime wants to do its part in reducing waste to protect the planet.