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The purpose of the webinar was to introduce our suppliers to Semco Maritime’s sustainability ambitions and what we expect from them in the future as well as providing inputs on how they can start measuring their carbon emissions.

From Semco Maritime, we had Thomas Mejlgård, Senior Vice President for People, Brand & Sustainability, presenting our sustainability strategy, targets, and initiatives.

Richard Bowen, Director, Head of Supply Chain, shared our ambitions and future expectations for our suppliers as we want to enter closer collaborations with our suppliers on creating a sustainable supply chain.

Lastly from Semco Maritime, Sustainability Advisor Jonathan Russ ensured that we all understand scope 1, 2 and 3 a bit better and showed our first steps into measuring our carbon emissions.

We were also lucky to have two guest speakers: Leo Konradsson, Environmental & Global Segment Manager at Roxtec, and Pernille Wichmann, Senior Sales Director at Lemvigh-Müller. They both shared their best tips for kick-starting sustainability initiatives and measuring carbon emissions.

Key takeaways

  1. Involve the top management of your organisation and ensure that they buy in on the sustainability agenda
  2. Implement a “sustainable culture / mindset” across the organisation
  3. Ask for support and team up with other likeminded businesses experiencing some of the same challenges
  4. Collaborate with business partners across the supply chain on succeeding
  5. Enjoy the journey and start measuring – we are all in a learning process.

The webinar is one of our initiatives targeting a closer dialogue with our suppliers around sustainability, and especially around carbon emission reductions. Semco Maritime wants to play an active role and take responsibility for lowering carbon emissions and create a more sustainable supply chain.

The energy sector is moving towards a greener future, and we need everyone, including our suppliers, to be on board.