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Semco Maritime
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This means that all new meetings scheduled in the Outlook calendar will now as default be set to 25 minutes and 55 minutes, instead of the legacy 30 and 60-minute options previously provided.

We hope that doing so will help address “meeting fatigue” and allow attendees to briefly recharge between scheduled meetings.

Short breaks sharpen our focus!

Frequent, short breaks taken throughout the day help us stay focused throughout the day. Just a few minutes (or less) of a "breather" can have a powerful impact on our concentration and productivity.

“In Semco Maritime, we strongly believe that a key reason for our success is our enthusiastic and dedicated people. We actively nurture our “Safety is part of our DNA” culture, which helps our employees develop both themselves and the company. Our employees’ well-being is the most important thing as we head towards the next strategy period running to 2027. We believe that employee well-being is directly linked to how innovative, focused, motivated and productive employees are at the workplace”, says Thomas Mejlgård and continues:

“The change also supports the transition back to office work by allowing time to physically move between meetings. Many of our office employees have been working more or less remotely now for more than a year. During this time, I’m sure all have had those days when we realize in the afternoon that we have spent the entire day in the same position in our chair. Concentrating on topics is of course a good thing - but staying in one position and not allowing ourselves any breaks will affect us negatively. Therefore, we’ve now decided to adopt the 25- and 55-minutes meeting rule to ensure that we all have more opportunities to take a 5-minute break during the day”.

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