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General enquiries
Tel. +45 7916 6666


Semco Maritime
Esbjerg Brygge 30
DK- 6700 Esbjerg

Oil & gas


Our experts can solve any tasks within the Oil & Gas energy industry.

ATEX certified workshop and valve service, repair and trouble-shooting.

Electrical workshop:

Your ATEX specialist

The ATEX/IECEx certification is your proof that we have carried out all necessary approval processes and ISO certifications. 

The ATEX/IECEx-certificates does not only cover the employees in the workshop, but also the in-house design team involved in the process.

Electrical services

In-house design and fabrication of a wide range of electrical scopes for onshore industries, offshore assets or marine vessels.

In Semco Maritime, we have been supplying electrical services for more than 30 years.

Mechanical Workshop:

From engineering to testing and installation

Our experienced technicians test safety, pressure, flow, level, temperature control and pneumatic valves onsite or in our fully equipped workshop in Esbjerg, Denmark.

We also test, calibrate and repair special valves, such as wireline-retrievable subsurface safety valves (WRSSSV), gas-lift valves, chemical injection valves, dump kill valves and water injection valves.

Valves: Test, repair and calibration

  • SSSV
  • Safety valves (PSV)
  • Pressure regulators valves
  • Flow, level and temperature regulators
  • Air valves
  • Wire line retrievable safety valves
  • Gas lift valves
  • Chemical injection valves
  • Dump kill valves
  • Water injection valves
  • Control valves
Cleaning of process systems

Process downtime and restricted capacity are often the result of sludge and scale in the process system

Working together with Bilfinger Salamis, Semco Maritime has engineered solutions that enable intrusive and non-intrusive technologies for the removal of sludge from process vessels as well as scale from process pipework and equipment.

We offer a wide range of technologies designed to tackle all parts of your asset, from the production train to the accommodation black water lines. All aspects of our service provision are carried out by highly competent, fully trained personnel.