Safety is part of our DNA

Our realistic ambition is ZERO Lost Time Accidents (LTA)

Zero harm to employees, stakeholders, our assets and the environment

"Good safety behaviour leads to higher employee and customer satisfaction"
- Meet Dorthe Ulsø, Semco Maritime

Safety is part of our DNA!

  • We have a continuous focus on safety.
  • Our realistic ambition is ZERO Lost Time Accidents (LTA).
  • When executing projects, safety always comes first!
  • There is no excuse for compromising!

Safety is part of our DNA

It is our objective to have zero Lost Time Accidents (LTA). We strongly believe it is possible if we work hard and focus on this objective.

Customer satisfaction

We also focus on our performance towards our customers. We measure customer satisfaction on at least 50 customer projects per year. It is our objective to score better than 2 on a 6 point scale where 1 is best.

Celebrating 10 years with 0 LTAs

On March 7 2017, our periodic preventive maintenance team is celebrating 10 years with ZERO lost time accidents! This means more than 1 million offshore hours without any LTAs. A truely remarkable safety performance!

Our PPM team reached this impressive milestone because of their strongly rooted safety mindset and a safety behavior that leaves no room for compromises.

Our PPM team
10 years with 0 LTAs

Safety campaigns

We run internal safety campaigns regularly to keep focus on maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

Are you facing the same challenges in your working environment as René in the video above? It is important to pay attention to the potentially dangerous situations which we face on a daily basis.

At Semco Maritime we have made a good habit of discussing safety in an informal way every single day. This is how we keep focus on even small safety issues in our working environment.

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Safety campaigns

Corporate social responsibility

We care about sustainability, community, the environment and our people.

We report under the UN global compact principles.

Our CSR approach

HSSEQ policies and objectives

At Semco Maritime we are committed to "no compromise – we care", which means that our main focus is zero harm to employees and stakeholders, to our assets and to the environment. We promote a culture that continuously improves our HSSEQ performance and our HSSEQ management system. We set ambitious objectives and targets for ourselves to progressively achieve an HSSEQ performance that we can be proud of and which adds value for us and all our stakeholders.

HSSEQ policy
Read our official HSSEQ policy
HSSEQ objectives
Read our official HSSEQ objectives

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HSSEQ director

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