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Decarbonisation - Environmental protection - Safe and responsible business

Ambitious sustainability strategy with 3 focus areas


Pillar 1: Decarbonisation

Reducing CO2 emissions is crucial for avoiding catastrophic climate change. That is why we have we have put decarbonisation as the first pillar and highest priority of our sustainability strategy.

We are committed to playing our part in enabling the transition towards a sustainable energy future. We are doing this through our contributions to SDG #7 and therefore the percentage of renewables in the global energy mix; through influencing sustainable practices in the Oil and Gas Industry and hybrid technologies; through our own operations and through influencing our supply chain.

Roadmap to carbon neutrality
In alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #13, Climate Action, we have created an ambitious roadmap for achieving climate neutrality.

Our Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality has three phases: 1.) to be carbon neutral in scope 1 & 2 by 2023; 2.) to be carbon neutral in our own operations by 2030; and 3.) to be carbon neutral in scope 3 (own operations and supply chain) by 2050. 

We are on track to achieving the first phase of the roadmap. We have switched to green electricity and heating in our premises, and we are electrifying wherever possible (such as in our vehicle fleet) – to reduce fossil fuel use. Where electrification is not possible, we are off-setting emissions, however, our first choice is always to reduce rather than off-set.

The second phase of the roadmap will involve creating strategic changes in our internal production methods, systems and processes. And as part of phase three, we will actively encourage our suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions and become climate neutral as well, by including requirements for carbon neutrality in our tenders and contracts.

Innovation for sustainability

In addition to supporting the growth of the Renewables Industry we are involved in some key technologies for the green energy transition as for example Carbon capture technology with the Greensand consortium and Power-to-X energy storage.

Partnership for the climate

In December 2021, Semco Maritime joined Esbjerg Municipality’s Climate Partnership, joining with other companies and organisations to reduce the carbon emissions for the Esbjerg Municipality (where our headquarters are located). The goal is to become carbon neutral.


Pillar 2: Environmental protection

In addition to climate change, environmental sustainability is one of the biggest challenges of our time. The United Nations has called for urgent action to protect the environment and at Semco Maritime we believe we have an obligation to care of the environment and we want to act responsibly. That is why environmental protection is one of the three pillars of our sustainability strategy.

The environmental protection aspect of our sustainability strategy has four focus areas: water protection, pollution and waste minimisation, and natural resources. These align with three main Sustainable Development Goals, SDG #9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG #12, Responsible Consumption and Production, and SDG #14, Life Below Water.

Water protection and pollution minimisation
As a company centred around offshore activities, the ocean is part of our identity, it is important to us and we want to preserve it. Our current water protection initiatives include using a Ballast Water Treatment System (which protects marine life by ensuring that bacteria and organisms are not transported from one ocean environment to another) and efficient transport planning to minimise trips to and from offshore sites, reducing any negative impacts on the ocean.

We conduct all activities with the highest industrial and safety standards to minimise any risk of pollution or harm to the environment. When choosing materials that will be used for offshore activities, such as paint, we carefully select the least harmful and most non-polluting substances
Minimising waste and responsible use of resources
Our commitment to minimising waste and using natural resources responsibly is exemplified by thorough sorting and measuring of waste at all our sites and are  increasing our recycling targets (90% in 2021). 

We will begin optimising the use and re-use of materials such as steel and we are actively working to influence our supply chain. Our goal is to have a sustainable supply chain with material inputs that are 100% renewable, recyclable or reusable by 2030.

Semco Maritime is Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 certified.


Pillar 3: Safe and responsible business

The third pillar of our sustainability strategy relates to being a safe and responsible business.

Semco Maritime has been a member of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) since 2007 and its 10 principles (related to Human Rights, Labour Rights, Environment and Anti-Corruption) inform our business practices and our Code of Conduct. We expect our suppliers to adhere to the principles of our Code of Conduct and the UNGC.

As an international company operating in multiple geographical locations and employing people of different cultures and nationalities, it is important to us to be a responsible and ethical employer. We see diversity as a strength and do not discriminate on any basis (nationality, ethnic origin, sexual or political orientation, religious belief, gender or age). We do not interfere with the formation of trade unions or other associations in the workplace. Nor do we discriminate on the basis of trade union association.

To be an employer of choice, our focus is to attract talented people into a progressive workplace, where they can be nurtured to achieve their full potential. This will be founded on transparent equal opportunities and focusing on development based on merit and potential. In 2021, Semco Maritime Ltd. published the first Pay Gap Report which helps to pave the way to ensuring that we are a fully inclusive company and committed to providing equal opportunities for all.

Safety is a core value for Semco Maritime, and we live by the motto “Safety is part of our DNA.” Health and Safety are core elements of our daily operations, and we are proud of our track record in safety.

We aim to provide an attractive work environment, with focus on both the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees (we are proud to have an in-house counsellor) as well as both personal and professional development.

Running a stable and profitable business is also an important element of our sustainability strategy, so that we can provide stability for our employees and invest in new technologies that can contribute to sustainable development and create positive impacts.

We use risk assessment tools in all of our projects to protect our employees and our company as a whole.

The safe and responsible business focus area of our strategy contributes to SDG #5, Gender Equality and SDG #8, Decent Work and Economic Growth.

NEW whistle-blower portal

Quick, easy and anonymous reporting

We have always focused on honesty and fairness, but in recent years, transparency has become increasingly important. On 22 December 2021, we launched a new whistle-blower portal in compliance with the EUC Directive 2019/1937. The new "Got Ethics" portal makes any reporting quick, easy and not least anonymous!

Our commitment to safe and responsible business includes formal anti-corruption and anti-child labour policies as well as a Corporate Social Responsibility policy and HR policies for diversity and inclusion. Our whistleblower arrangement supports employees with a clear procedure to be able to identify and report any unethical behaviour or concerning practices.