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It takes dedication and stamina to thrive in offshore conditions

We want to be your FIRST choice as a workplace

We always put safety first - and we do not compromise

We are looking for competent and dedicated people

Qualifications, industry experience and the right mindset

We screen and interview all applicants carefully during recruitment. If you match our expectations we will put you through a safety course and maybe even give you the opportunity to show what you can do on a rig upgrade project.

Our manpower pool can roughly be split into:
  • Crew to support offshore operations, such as medics, technicians, electricians and construction workers.
  • Consultants to work on projects onshore and offshore all over the world, mostly engineers, construction supervisors and technicians. 
To work offshore, there is a number of general requirements:
  • You must have education and/or experience as a craftsman (blacksmith, electrician, machinist, carpenter or similar)
  • You must not have a criminal record
  • You must be healthy and have an offshore health certificate
  • Your family must know and accept the working conditions of an offshore employee e.g. being away from home for longer periods
  • You must be able to work many hours daily, day and night, and in a very narrow working environment
  • You must have attended a Basic offshore safety course
  • You must be aware that Semco Maritime has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and narcotics

Trade specific job requirements


  • Education as a blacksmith or an industrial HVAC technician
  • Working environment and safety welding/thermal §26 (1 day)
  • Reading of isometric drawings, offshore (5 days)
  • Welding certificates, offshore (i.e. tig, electrode cored wire)
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  • Education as an electrician
  • LAUS – low voltage course (1 day)
  • Working environment and safety welding/thermal §26 (1 day)
  • Safety when working with epoxy and isocyanates (2 days)
  • EX course – working in explosion proof areas (1 day)
  • Instruments or calibration (2 weeks)
  • SMART courses (2 days)
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Rope access

  • IRATA (5 days)
  • GWO – working in heights (wind turbine generators)
  • First aid course
  • Blade B (wind turbine generators)
  • Height rescue - scaffold/evacuation and rescue (2 days)

More about our rope access capabilities

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Rope acces


  • Gripping - gripping loads (5 days)
  • Rigger – complex lifting assignment (10 days)
  • Pipes and clutch, cradle (5 days)
  • Pipes, industrial scaffolds, freestanding, and facade scaffolding 5 days
  • Industrial scaffolds (5 days)
  • System scaffolds, offshore (4 days)
  • Tower and jib crane with integral gripping (4 weeks (demand for rouster)
  • Use of fall protection equipment (1 day)
  • Height rescue - scaffold/evacuation and rescue (2 days)
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Surface treatment specialist

  • Safety when working with epoxy and (2 days)
  • Airless application and pneumatic (5 days)
  • Air stream blasting of steel structures (5 days)
  • Building paint systems according to specification (5 days)
  • Mechanical pre-treatment steel structures (5 days)
  • Water jetting/hydro spooling (5 days)
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Surface treatment specialist

Alice Stølsvig Pedersen

Manager, Resources

Semco Maritime A/S

Esbjerg Brygge 30

6700 Esbjerg



Peter Jakobsen

Manager, Operation Support

Semco Maritime A/S

Esbjerg Brygge 30

6700 Esbjerg