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Parkwind and Bladt have signed an agreement for the design, fabrication, and installation of the Arcadis Ost 1 substation in the German Baltic Sea. The platform is jointly developed and will be jointly operated with 50Hertz, the responsible Transmission System Operator (TSO) for connecting the offshore wind farms in the German Baltic Sea. The offshore wind farm, 19 km off the island of Rugen is expected to start offshore installation works in 2022. The contract signature is the result of a productive collaboration between Parkwind and Bladt and kicks-off the next project phase with first steel-works.

Bladt Industries is to deliver the complete substation for Parkwind, with Semco Maritime and ISC as key partners. Semco Maritime will be responsible for the design and implementation of the entire electrical systems while the structural design will be delivered by ISC Engineering.

“In the context of a global crisis, this signature and the imminent start of the works at Bladt, demonstrate Parkwind’s unwavering commitment to successfully deliver the Arcadis Ost 1 project in line with the plan set more than a year ago. We are convinced that the team composed of Parkwind, Bladt and 50Hertz brings the expertise needed to deliver the transformation platform of the highest HSSE and quality standards. The shared substation will become the heart of Arcadis Ost 1 Offshore Windfarm, supplying the German grid with green energy for up to 300,000 households,” commented Parkwind’s Project Manager, Clément Helbig de Balzac.

“We are exceptionally pleased once more to be selected by Parkwind. We have together
succeeded to negotiate a contract, which we will execute together with Parkwind and our partners in the project team. We are looking into a complex project execution plan, but we have allocated an experienced project team to deliver according to the requirements. I am convinced that the strong partnership and trust between Parkwind and Bladt will be strengthened even further as we jointly embark the fourth project together,” 
says Nils Overgaard, Chief Sales Officer, Bladt Industries.

“This is another exciting project for Parkwind that we are very pleased to be able to
contribute to in cooperation with Bladt and a strong and close-knit team of partners. We will leverage and build on our strong track record together and look forward to bringing our technology, experience and competences into play once again to support Parkwind’s
ambition of creating a truly sustainable future,"
 says Carsten Nielsen, Senior Vice President, Renewables Semco Maritime. 

About Arcadis Ost I
The Arcadis Ost 1 wind farm has a capacity of about 247 MW and is located in the Baltic Sea, northeast of the island of Rügen, within the 12-nautical mile zone of the Federal State
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. In April 2018, Parkwind was successful in the
offshore wind auction in Germany, launched by the Federal Grid Agency.

About Parkwind
With over 10 years of experience in developing, financing, and operating wind farms, Parkwind has established a unique position in the industry. With already 552 MW under operational management, Parkwind is determined to continue increasing the share of green energy through its collaborative approach with local communities, governments and suppliers. While currently installing another 219 MW in the North Sea, Parkwind’s expanding international presence includes the 257 MW Arcadis Ost I project in Germany and the 330 MW Oriel Windfarm project in Ireland. Applying new technologies, innovative design solutions and installations techniques, Parkwind ensures the transition to green energy respects the environment as well as all the stakeholders. Composed of over 90 professionals operating from offices in Belgium and Ireland, Parkwind consolidates all offshore wind energy activities of its Belgian shareholders.

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About Bladt Industries
Bladt Industries is an international steel construction company specialising in the production of complex steel structures for offshore projects. Within offshore wind projects, Bladt Industries is a market leader within substations and foundations – from monopile foundations to jacket foundations. Bladt keeps its focus on each individual project; they optimise the process to match the client’s specifications. Whether it is substations, monopile, jacket or XL foundations being manufactured, Bladt acts as a sounding board offering ideas for optimized fabrication based on many years of experience and unique technical expertise. Bladt has a leading position in the world offshore wind market.

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