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Statutory inspections

For offshore assets statutory inspections are key to ensuring continued operation. Offshore assets must comply with numerous regulatory requirements for safety and reliability, with different standards applicable to unit design, operation, and maintenance.

We help our customers meet all the necessary requirements:

Statutory inspections are required by legislation/authorities, and are often closely related to the scheduled maintenance routines. These inspections require thorough documentation according to authority requirements.

requested by customer – either as larger campaigns during shorter periods of time – or on an ongoing basis that enable us to make best use of CTV availability (logistics, free seats), and enable us to establish local multi-skilled teams with same technicians throughout the year.

Statutory Inspections, such as but not limited to;

  • HV/MV transformers and switchgear (including protection relay verification)
  • LV breakers and equipment (Breaker test and protection relay verification)
  • Structural inspections
  • Crane certifications
  • Safety systems (life rafts, fire alarm and protection, life wests, first aid equipment)
    - often coordinated in yearly or 5-yearly campaigns - or as required.
  • Firefighting Equipment certifications
  • Electrical SPS
  • EX Inspections

Multi-skilled service teams

Our multi-skilled teams of service technicians finds faults and come up with solutions to ensure minimized loss in revenue or downtime. From electrical and mechanical work to scaffolding and surface treatment - they have experience within all systems of the offshore assets.

When we send out an electrician – it is our goal to make sure that he/she is not “just” an  electrician – his/her competences should ideally be broader that what you would normally expect – one very recent example is one of our experienced electricians that are also FROSIO certified ...

Why is that relevant? Because we focus on experience and broad competences to make sure that fewer people cover a broader area, we use less hours, take up fewer seats – and besides saving time and money, this approach is more sustainable!

Previous projects related to:

Statutory inspections

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Ask us about satutory inspections for all types of offshore assets and vessels ...

Tonny Constantin Popescu

Senior Director, Oil & Gas Service

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg

Mads Seneca Iversholt

Director, Wind Service

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg

Adrian Marcel Rozsondai

Head of Service, Telecom & Firefighting

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg

Robert Thoft Christensen

Head of Projects, Rig and Marine

Semco Maritime AS
Hanøytangen 130
5310 Hauglandshella