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Assets assessments and Surveys on-board customer assets help provide information of the asset status, faults, defects and clarifies scope of work.

Findings and descriptions are documented according to agreements including scans, drawings, reports, and photographs that are valuable tools for further scope clarification and development to help customers define or describe future works and projects or as part of an asset condition assessment as well as root cause analysis. Survey reports often form the base of our solutions and help ensure that the best solution is provided to the end-user.

Removing the unknown

Complete surveys of assets or systems

Through thorough surveys we make sure:

  • that projects can be executed and installed without any issues
  • that budgeting is precise
  • that there are no unpleasant surprises during project execution.
Often surveys also help our customers discover potential risks before they result in expensive downtime. This gives us the opportunity to plan corrective maintenance in due time.

Two types of surveys:

Project scoping and clarification surveys

This is the type of survey that is used to ensure that a project can be budgeted correctly AND not least that it can be installed on board the existing asset.

Could be prior to delivering e.g. a new cooling water system, a communication system or a ballast water system. The offshore survey by experienced teams of engineers or technicians who have a deep understanding of the type of job at hand.

Asset condition assessment surveys

This type of survey - the asset condition assessment - often covers the entire offshore asset - but can also be performed on a system level. 

For the customer, the result of this type of assessment is a through statement with a status of the asset in question. The statement includes recommendations regarding necessary maintenance and campaigns.

Examples of surveys:

Rigs and vessels

3D scanning and surveying

Prior to installing new ballast water treatment systems onboard rigs and vessels, our engineers carry out surveys. This enable them to produce documentation including drawings, reports and photographs to detail the requirement for the installation. 

Subsea and array cables

Cable Line Resonance Analysis (LIRA)

LIRA is a non-destructive testing of cables that do not require cables to be energised to high voltages. This is safer than alternative methods in ‘high risk’ environments.

LIRA is effective for condition monitoring, or fault location in long length cable, for example subsea array cables connecting WTG’s and offshore Substations.

LIRA can test for and detect numerous types of faults and defects in insulation including temperature and radiation damage, moisture ingress and mechanical impact to name a few. LIRA relies on the correlation between insulation’s condition and its dielectric constant (mainly capacitance) and calculates the impedance spectrum (amplitude and phase) as a function of the applied signal over a wide frequency band.

Make sure that systems are up-to-date

Complete system surveys of PAGA systems:

Make sure that your communication systems are up to date or determine the scope of a system upgrade.
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Some of the surveys we have performed...

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Tonny Constantin Popescu

Senior Director, Transitional Energies

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg

Mads Seneca Iversholt

Director, Wind Service

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg