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maintenance and campaigns

Preventive or scheduled maintenance is a set of planned maintenance tasks that happen regularly to prevent downtime caused by unexpected equipment failure. This type of maintenance naturally requires planning and scheduling of the maintenance efforts before a problem occurs. Campaigns are targeted maintenance efforts that tend to focus on one specific topic – could be safety valves, corrosion, ad-hoc service or topics within balance of plant of your asset.  


Two approaches to preventive maintenance and campaigns offshore:

Ad-hoc service jobs

Our customers most often request this type of service on a "system level" - and very often these customers already handle parts of the maintenance tasks within their own organisation.

We support their own service efforts by handling scopes that fall outside their core competences or when additional resources are required ... These scopes often require specialised competences or certifications (e.g. safety systems, life rafts, fire detection systems, cooling systems, etc. ).

We can offer this without or with crew transfer logistic arrangement (crew transfer vessel, service operation vessel or helicopter.

➡️ Oil & gas service

➡️ Offshore wind service

➡️ Specialised telecom & firefighting service

Long-term service contacts
With long term contracts, we take on a larger part of the responsibility and also a broader scope. The customer can choose to “hand over the key” and leave us responsible for all scheduled maintenance and statutory inspections. Long term service contacts can cover either limited sets of systems, the substation/platform – or the entire wind farm/offshore asset.

The reasons for choosing long term contracts with a service provider are:
  • cost certainty
  • limited number of interfaces – only one interface (with us) 
  • Including logistics – CTV – crew transfer vessels – full package including crew transfer
  • Aligned KPIs with those of the customer (performance based KPIs that ensure that we are pulling in the same direction due to aligned interests.

We can offer this without or with crew transfer logistic arrangement (crew transfer vessel, service operation vessel or helicopter.

➡️ O&M of Balance of Plant

Covering broader scopes

The upside of having more skills ...

Our multi-skilled teams of service technicians finds faults and come up with solutions to ensure minimized loss in revenue or downtime. From electrical and mechanical work to scaffolding and surface treatment - they have experience within all systems of the offshore assets.

When we send out an electrician – it is our goal to make sure that he/she is not “just” an  electrician – his/her competences should ideally be broader that what you would normally expect...

Why is that relevant? Because we focus on experience and broad competences to make sure that fewer people cover a broader area, we use less hours, take up fewer seats – and besides saving time and money, this approach is more sustainable!

Expanding our team of service technicians:

With our recent acquisition of German Wind Multiplikator, we also gained more than 100 specialised technical employees (including turbine technicians) in the area of electrical and mechanical execution.

By using the latest technologies and tools to monitor and maintain wind turbines, availability is maximized, and challenges will quickly be identified and resolved.

The goal is always to increase the performance of WTGs through safe operations.

Multi-discipline teams

Safety and Environmental Critical Elements (SECE)

Safety and Environmental Critical Elements (SECE) is a service concept including checks, findings and corrections on offshore installations. The work is performed in specialized teams.

The SECE concept in Semco Maritime is based on a nesting box concept where quality and experience are secured through on the job training of new technicians by experienced technicians in well-established SECE teams

The SECE team works as an autonomous unit consisting of a supervisor and technicians who perform checks, create and correct job findings. The team works independently and the technicians have gone through  training to solve the whole job without interference with the fixed operations personnel of the platform.

Some recent experience with

Preventive maintenance and campaigns

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Wherever you are in the world we have service teams ready to help you ...

Tonny Constantin Popescu

Senior Director, Transitional Energies

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg

Mads Seneca Iversholt

Director, Wind Service

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg

Adrian Marcel Rozsondai

Head of Service, Telecom & Firefighting

Semco Maritime A/S
Esbjerg Brygge 30
6700 Esbjerg