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Certified to train rope access climbers

We just received our IRATA training license! This means that we are now able to train and certify rope access climbers. The training license is the result of thorough preparation and a positive and successful IRATA audit.

During the audit we received much praise for our way of handling the IRATA requirements, processes and procedures. (IRATA is the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association)

Did you know that:
• Semco Maritime is 1 of only 2 IRATA certified rope access operators and trainers in Denmark

• Our operator and training license means that:
- We follow IRATA’s strict processes and procedures for the maintenance of our equipment and equipment traceability.
- We undertake in-depth risk assessment and detailed job planning before every job.
- We undergo internal and external audits.
- We perform each job according to IRATA’s processes and procedures.
- We are certified to train and certify rope access climbers.

• We use rope access technicians for inspection, service, cleaning and maintenance work in hard to reach places.
• Our rope access technicians are first and foremost experienced within their specific trade, e.g. welders, electricians, carpenters – and on top of this they are IRATA certified rope access climbers.

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Please contact,

Jens Panum Have
Operation Manager, Co-operation Bilfinger Oil & Gas
+45 3016 6760

2015 challenged by low oil prices

The steep drop in the oil price in 2015 entailed significantly lower activity and investments in the oil and gas sector, and this development led to a decline in Semco Maritime’s revenue to DKK 1,744 million against DKK 2,269 million in 2014.

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