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Repair project on Siri for DONG E&P

Semco Maritime has successfully concluded our part of a huge repair project on the Siri production platform, operating in the Danish part of the North Sea.

The background for this project goes back some six years: In August 2009, DONG Energy had to stop production on Siri, when cracks were discovered in the watery part of the sponson in the oil tank underneath the platform. After temporary repairs were carried out, production resumed in January 2010.

Work on a permanent repair started in the spring of 2011, with Semco Maritime being assigned with the task of making the preliminary preparations, in order to ensure that strengthening structures could be installed by main contractor Subsea 7 working below sea level.

“For Subsea 7 to do their part, Semco Maritime had to carry out a lot of work below and inside the platform structure. Some 130 ton of scaffolding was constructed under the platform to install gantry beams. Needless to say, it is quite a challenge to safely hang such a substantial construction under the totally flat belly of a platform. So we had to do quite a lot of welding in order to make the scaffolding rock solid and safe” explains Arne Sørensen, Technical Manager on the project.

Unique challenges
Amongst some of the greatest challenges was the installation of 3 winch platforms around the platform legs with a winch capacity of some 120 tonnes. Every little winch platform part had to be transported to its final position by means of a gantry beam to the platform legs, and all the time a lot of precautions had to be thought in to the process in order to execute the work in safe manner and to meet stringent quality requirements.

Semco Maritime completed the task towards the end of 2014:
“Before embarking on a project of this magnitude, a lot of preparatory engineering work has to be done. Planning is maybe the most important part of the process – especially in order to reach a high degree of safety” Arne continues.

Pride and responsibility
Some 100 employees from Semco Maritime were assigned to the project – with around 40 employees on each offshore shift.

Katarina Komarica, Project Manager on the project, explains:
“Everybody can make mistakes, but nobody should make the same mistake twice. We must learn and look for possibilities. Such spirit and approach combined with a sense of community, professional pride and common responsibility was the driving force in the project and the main reason why the project has overcome major challenges and met the budget” she concludes.

"Semco Maritime can be proud of completing such a complex and comprehensive offshore project without any serious incidents. This bears witness of good planning and an integrated safety culture where all employees take responsibility for their own and their colleagues’ safety", says Jørgen Rentler Næumann, Project owner representative from DONG E&P.

Offshore upgrade on Maersk Innovator

Rig projects is in the final stages of one of the largest offshore upgrades carried out by Semco Maritime.

Since April 2014 Semco Maritime has been busy performing upgrades on Maersk Innovator. The upgrade includes several new systems used for day to day operation as well as safety. New safety systems consist of new lifeboat station at starboard and port side, new marine evacuation (MES) system, new man overboard boat plus new muster areas at the main deck. Other new systems include a new hose reel station (HRS) for bunkering operations at starboard and port side plus new platforms for winches to operate raw water riser tensioner.


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